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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegetarian Su Tung Fish Cake 苏东鱼饼 (900g)
    Vegetarian Su Tung Fishcake / Fish cake Deep fry it and slice it to top on any noodles or soup. 
  2. Vegetarian Taiwan Sausage 素腊肠 (200g)(1000g)
    Cooking methods: Can be fried and serve alongside with Bee Hoon Slice & Cooked with dried red chilli, green pepper, huai shan and vegetarian abalone sauce to flavour. Can be used for BBQ and clay pot rice
  3. Vegan Golden Fish Tofu 黄金鱼豆腐 (1000G)
    Storing Method: Keep frozen at -18 deg cel. 
  4. Vegan Balacang Sayuran 峇拉煎
    Vegan Balacang / Balachien Use it to fry your favourite Kang Kong Chilli or create your own special dish!
  5. Vegetarian Bai Dai Yu 素 白带鱼
    Can be Fried and Finger Add to Steamboat or Soup. Braise for Taste
  6. Vegetarian Curry Bun 素咖喱羊肉包
    Vegetarian Curry Bun with Mutton
  7. Vegan Golden Fillet 脆玉片(500g) (1kg)
    Just Fry and Serve as Finger food Can be added to Soup or Hot Pot Saute or Braise for Taste is good Sweet and Sour is tasty as well
  8. Vegetarian Mutton 素羊肉 (450g)(900g)
    Vegetarian Mutton This product contains Egg Can be added to soup or curry. Can be used to cook mushroom mutton balls with tomato paste. 
  9. Vegan Abalone Sauce 鲍鱼浓汁 WP
    Ingredients: water, seaweed kelp, fermented soy sauce, yeast powder, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, vegetarian spices
  10. Vegetarian Tuna 素香鲔鱼 (200g)
    Just open it and it is ready to eat. Can be used for sushi, sandwich, and wraps. 
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