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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegetarian Mac Chicken Nugget - 马蹄鸡块 300G WP
    It's Fried and Finger Food! Deep Fry and It is ready to be served! Keep frozen: -18 Deg cel
    Special Price $4.50 Regular Price $4.90
  2. Vegetarian Sugarcane Prawn (Vegan)(300g)甘蔗虾
    It's Ready 2 Eat when you just air fry it, oven or microwave Fried and Finger food as well. Favourite snack for the old and young as you chew on the sugar cane for taste.
  3. Vegetarian Lamb Tenderloin (Mutton) 素羊肉 WP(200g)(600g)(1000g)
    Cooking method: can be deep fried and cook sweet and sour, great for cooking with curry and potatoes, can be added to soup for flavour
  4. Vegan Mushroom Niu Bang Roll (500G)(1kg)- 香菇牛蒡卷 | Made from healthy burdock roots high in fiber
    Can be steamed or deep fried for taste!  Go with any sauce for extra flavourings
  5. Vegan Gluten Intestine 素大肠
    Vegetarian Vegan Gluten Intestine Great to add to Vegetarian Kway Chap or Vegetarian Black Vinegar Trotter
  6. Vegetarian Cheddar Cheese 素乳酪 (200G)
    Vegetarian Cheddar Cheese 素乳酪 (200G)   24 Packets per Carton Storage: 2 - 5 degree celsius
  7. Vegan Spring Roll - 春卷
    Available in 2 sizes!
  8. Vegan Tiger Prawn (Noodle) (TKC) 素食大虾(300G) (10pcs)
    Deep Fry and Can be served with your favourite sauce. Halal Certified. Vegan.
  9. Vegan Fish Slice 素香鱼片 (450G)(900G)
    Can be Fried and Finger food
  10. Vegan Sambal Balacan Chilli 素參巴峇拉健 (250G)
    Vegan Sambal Balacan 素參巴峇拉健 (250G)  Vegetarian Food 
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