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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegetarian Lamb Tenderloin (Mutton) 素羊肉 WP(200g)(600g)(1000g)
    Cooking method: can be deep fried and cook sweet and sour, great for cooking with curry and potatoes, can be added to soup for flavour
  2. Vegetarian Stewed Three-Cup Chicken 三杯鸡 (200g)
    It's under "Ready 2 Eat!" Just warm it and it is ready to be served! Learn How to Cook a Restaurant Dish - Vegetarian Fragrant Three-Cup Chicken 干锅素蚝皇三杯鸡
  3. Vegan MaLa Spicy Fragrance Pot 素麻辣香锅 (200G)
    Vegan Vegetarian MaLa Spicy Fragrance Pot 素麻辣香锅 Simply Add Fresh Vegetables to the Ready Cooked product and warm it. Seasonings included.
  4. Vegan Liao Shen Sea Cucumber 素辽参(海参)(150G)
    Can be added to Hot Pot / Steamboat, braised seafood or soup.
  5. Vegan Atlantic Wonder 素金带鱼片 (1KG)
    Vegan Atlantic Wonder 素金带鱼片 (1KG) Can be added to soup / steamboat / hotpot. Braise for Taste or Fry with your favourite sauce
  6. Vegan Nutrient Soup 纯素大补汤 (250G)
    Vegan Nutrient Soup 纯素大补汤 (250G) It's Ready to Eat!  Just Add water and your preferred vegetables and boil it! And it's ready!
  7. Veg Sparerib with Lotus Root 莲藕排骨 (200G)(1000G)
    Vegetarian Sparerib With Lotus Root Bite and you feel the fibre texture wrapped around the soya meat.  Can be Fried and cooked with sweet and sour, add to soup, braise for taste or saute too.
  8. Vegan Mince Meat 免治肉酱 (500g)
    One of our Bestseller! Can be used in Numerous ways to cook. (Refer to Pictures) Best cooked with Potatoes! We first sell this product to schools, children love the potato when the chefs stir fry potatoes with minced meat. Western food: Can be added to Spagetti to cook vegetarian bolognese spaghetti, shepard pie, or bake potato. Oriental food: Add it to Claypot Tofu, Stir fry vegetables, Vegetarian Mince meat noodle (with Chilli and Black Vinegar), wanton fillings, dumpling fillings,...
  9. Vegan WP Seaweed Chicken Roll 紫菜鸡 (500G)
    Vegan Seaweed Roll Fried and It is ready to be served. Can be Steam as well. 
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