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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Meat Floss- 肉松 (罐装)
    It's Ready 2 Eat! Add it to Wraps and Rolls.  Added to porridge, sushi or sandwich!
  2. Vegetarian Taiwan Sausage (Hot Dog) 素腊肠(200G) (1000g)
    Cooking methods: Can be fried and serve alongside with Bee Hoon Slice & Cooked with dried red chilli, green pepper, huai shan and vegetarian abalone sauce to flavour. Can be used for BBQ and clay pot rice
  3. Vegan Fish Tofu with Gingko 白果鱼腐 (300g)
    Slice and deep fry. Braise for Taste. Can be added to Steamboat / Hot pot or Soup too. 
  4. Vegan Osaka Fish 大阪鱼 (500g)
    Cooking method: Deep fried, roaster, sweet and sour and curry is good for this
  5. Vegetarian Su Tofu 素豆腐 (450G)(900g)
    Cooking Methods: Deep Fried, Steam, Roaster, Sweet and Sour
  6. Vegan Golden Fillet 脆玉片(500g) (1kg)
    Just Fry and Serve as Finger food Can be added to Soup or Hot Pot Saute or Braise for Taste is good Sweet and Sour is tasty as well
  7. Vegan Beancurd Roll 腐皮卷 (500g) (1000g) (Eggless)
    Fried and it's finger food Steam it for healthier choice Can be added to soup or usually used in Yong Tau Hu
  8. Vegetarian Dong Po Meat 东坡肉 (300g)
    Cooking Method: And be fried and saute, or sweet and sour alternatively, just slice it and add sauce i.e. vegetarian abalone sauce Can be added to soup or hot pot, or just steam it and it can be served.  Suitable for Steamboat. Learn how to cook lthis here:
  9. Vegetarian Chicken Lean Meat 素鸡建 (450G)(900g)
    Suggested cooking: Deep Fried / Roaster / Sweet Sour/ Curry
  10. -5% New
    Vegan Salted Fish 素咸鱼 (Vegetarian)
    Slice it and it is ready to eat Pan Fry for better taste. Can add to fried rice for flavour.  Try finding more about how to cook this product in our Vegetarian Recipe:
  11. Vegetarian Tuna 素香鲔鱼 (200g)
    Just open it and it is ready to eat. Can be used for sushi, sandwich, and wraps. 
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