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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Otak-Otak Crab 素霸王乌达(300G)
    Vegan Otak-Otak Crab 素霸王乌达(300G) This is Eggless, Meatless, Dairy-Free
  2. Veg. Dumpling - 素水饺 (Halal) [210g]
    It can be fried and finger food, steam it for healthy reasons..  Steam to serve, pan fry and can be added to soup or hot pot. 
  3. Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Powder) 苏打粉 (100G)
    Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Powder) 苏打粉 (100G)
  4. Vegan Lobster Ball 龙虾丸 (Konjac)(500G)
    Ingredients:Water Taro Powder Soybean Protein Carrot Juice Salt Vegetarian Spices
  5. Vegetarian DIY Tom Yam Steamboat 素懒人火锅-东炎
    Vegan DIY Tom Yam Steamboat 素懒人火锅-东炎  Only cold water is required. No need for cooking and heating up.
  6. Vegetarian Minced Meat (Vegan) 汉堡素肉碎 (干粮)(225G)
    Add this to rice, or stir fry with vegetables. Can be added to western food like spagetti or shepherd pie. Storage: Ambient Packaging: Glass bottle
  7. Vegan Sweet and Sour Sauce 素豆瓣酱 5L
  8. Veg Mock Wu Fish 大午宜 (1200G)
    Veg Mock Wu Fish 大午宜 (1200G)
  9. -10% New
    Vegetarian Nutrient (Ham)(Eggless) Roll 保健火腿 (1KG)
    It's Ready 2 Eat! Just Slice it to do Wrap & Rolls. Cooking methods: stir fry, pizza, lasagna Our Premium Items are producted using natural flavourings which is a healthier choice. As such, please store them in freezer -18 degree cel. as colour will fade off if the storage is not cold enough. 
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Items 25-36 of 280

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