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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegetarian Hong Kong Cured Meat 港式蜡肉 250G
    Special Price $2.80 Regular Price $3.20
  2. Vegetarian Nugget 蔬菜肉枣
    Vegetarian Nugget Can be deep fried and served. Add sweet and sour sauce to it for flavour. 
  3. Vegetarian Tuna 素香鲔鱼 (200g)
    Just open it and it is ready to eat. Can be used for sushi, sandwich, and wraps. 
  4. Vegetarian Roasted Duck 素 红烧鸭
    Fry and it's good to serve. Sweet and sour is all time fave.  Braise for taste is good to go as well. You may use it for duck rice. 
  5. Vegetarian Pandan Chicken 素香草鸡 (260G) (16pcs)
    Fried and it can be served Dip it to your favourite sauce and it is a great snack
  6. Vegetarian Monkey-Head Mushroom 猴头菇(200g) (1kg)
    Also available in 1kg packing Can be stir fry with vegetables, fried and serve, added to soup or hot pot Learn how to Cook This at our Vegetarian Blog.
  7. Vegan Big Prawn 素大明虾 (450g)(1000g)
    Can be added to Soup  Braise for Taste  Or cooked with Gravy
  8. Vegetarian Seaweed Fish Slice 斋紫菜鱼片 (切鱼)
    Deep Fry it and it is ready to be served.  It has been cut for your ease in cooking. Add to curry or sweet and sour is also fantastic. Can be added to Steamboat / Soup after deep fry.
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Items 25-36 of 164

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