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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegetarian Su Tung Mutton Ball 苏东羊肉 (450G)
    One of our favourite brand for Mutton Product contains Egg Add to curry or soup or steamboat. Braise for Taste is great too.
  2. Vegetarian Nonya Soy Fish 素娘惹怡 (300G)
    Vegetarian Nonya Soy Fish Just heat it up and it is ready to be served!
  3. Vegan Stuffed Beancurd 素金包片 (400G)
    Vegan Stuffed Beancurd 素金包片 (400G) Cooking in soup, steamboat, hotpot, stir fry with preferred sauce.
  4. Vegan Sea CuCumber 素海参 (200G) (3000G)
    Storing Method: Keep frozen at -18 deg cel. 
  5. Vegetarian Golden Mushroom 金菇肉
    Contains Monkey Head Mushroom & Egg! Suitable for Steamboat, Braise for Taste, Use it for Satay, Add it to Vegetables for stir fry. Taste Great with Curry!
  6. Vegetarian Steamboat Mix 素火锅料
    Steamboat / Hot Pot mix which includes soya protein, fish ball, sausage, etc
  7. Vegan Knotted Soy 打结豆支 (500g)
    Vegan Knotted Soya Fry it with Vegetables, braise for taste. Made of Soya Sheets
  8. Vegetarian Smoked Sausage 素川味腊肠 200G
    Vegetarian Smoked Sauage 素川味腊肠 200G No Refrigeration Needed Ready To Eat Meals Just Warm Up and it's Ready to Eat!
  9. Vegetarian Taiwan Sausage (Hot Dog) 素腊肠 (200g)(1000g)
    Cooking methods: Can be fried and serve alongside with Bee Hoon Slice & Cooked with dried red chilli, green pepper, huai shan and vegetarian abalone sauce to flavour. Can be used for BBQ and clay pot rice
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Items 25-36 of 201

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