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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Yam Roll 卤肉 (500g) (10pcs)
    Deep Fry and it can be served. Once Fried can be top on Lu Mian 卤面
  2. Vegan Vietnam Spring Roll 越南春卷 (330G) (10Pcs)
    Vegan Vietnam Spring Roll Deep Fry and it serves as a great Finger food or Dim Sum
  3. Vegetarian Chicken Wing Stewed - 卤鸡翅膀 WP
    Ingredients: soybean fibre, isolated soy protein, salt, sugar, vegetarian spices
  4. Vegetarian Salted Fish 素咸鱼
    Slice it and it is ready to eat Pan Fry for better taste. Can add to fried rice for flavour. 
  5. Vegetarian Nugget 蔬菜肉枣
    Vegetarian Nugget Can be deep fried and served. Add sweet and sour sauce to it for flavour. 
  6. Vegetarian Roasted Ribs w Sugar Cane 素甘蔗排骨 (1000G)
    Vegetarian Roasted Rib with Juicy Sugar Cane  Can be deep fried and serve. Add to soup, or Braised for Taste.
  7. Vegetarian Bacon Ham Sliced 素培根火腿片 (500g)(1kg)
    It's Ready 2 Eat! Defrost it and it is ready for Wraps and Rolls Warm it and can be added to sandwich, pizza, lagsana, sushi and handroll.  Slice it and stir fry is good as well.  Our Premium Items are producted using natural flavourings which is a healthier choice. As such, please store them in freezer -18 degree cel. as the colour will tend to fade if the storage is not cold enough 
  8. Vegan Fish Slice 素香鱼片 900g
    Can be Fried and Finger food
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Items 37-48 of 180

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