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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegetarian Steamboat Mix 素火锅料
    Steamboat / Hot Pot mix which includes Vegetarian Mutton, Kidney, sausage, etc
  2. Vegan Golden Fillet 脆玉片(500g) (1kg)
    Just Fry and Serve as Finger food Can be added to Soup or Hot Pot Saute or Braise for Taste is good Sweet and Sour is tasty as well
  3. Vegan Spring Chicken 斋童子鸡 (全鸡)
    Vegan Spring Chicken Just Deep fry it to serve can be added to soup as well.
  4. Vegetarian Zi Zi Spareribs - 滋滋排骨 WP
    Also available in 1kg packing Can be stir fry with vegetables, fried and serve, added to soup or hot pot Learn How to Cook this on our Vegetarian Blog
  5. Vegetarian Tuna 素香鲔鱼 (200g)
    Just open it and it is ready to eat. Can be used for sushi, sandwich, and wraps. 
  6. Vegetarian Crispy Chicken 香味鸡丁(900g)
    Great for Fried and Finger food, can be cooked for sweet and sour too.  This product has no eggs.
  7. Vegetarian Su Tung Meat Sauce 素肉酱 (900g)
    Veg Meat Sauce Can be used to make dumplings or stuffed bean curd
  8. Vegetarian Bacon Ham Sliced 素培根火腿片 (500g)(1kg)
    It's Ready 2 Eat! Defrost it and it is ready for Wraps and Rolls Warm it and can be added to sandwich, pizza, lagsana, sushi and handroll.  Slice it and stir fry is good as well.  Our Premium Items are producted using natural flavourings which is a healthier choice. As such, please store them in freezer -18 degree cel. as the colour will tend to fade if the storage is not cold enough 
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Items 37-48 of 145

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