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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Oyster Sauce 素耗油 5L
    Vegetarian Vegan Oyster Sauce 素耗油
  2. Vegan BBQ Sauce 沙茶酱 (737g) (2.8kg)
    Can be used in Seasoning or Skew Satay for BBQ! 
  3. Vegan Roasted Meat Sliced (Halal) 斋叉烧切 (1kg)
    Vegetarian Roasted Meat Sliced Halal 斋叉烧切 (1kg) Made of Gluten, Vegan product Stir Fry, Pan Fry and can be served. 
  4. Veg. Stewed Red Pork - 素红烧肉 (200g)
    Cooking methods: deep fried and cooked with plum sauce, stir fry to serve can be added to hot pot or soup.  Braise for Taste too! Learn how to Cook this in our Vegetarian Blog
  5. Vegan Shred Seaweed Strips 素海蜇丝 (Konjac) (500G)
    Ingredients: •Water •Taro Powder •Soya Bean Protein Extract •Salt •Calcium Hydroxide
  6. Vegetarian Golden Slice 金丝片(200g) (800G)
    Can be added to soup or steamboat Stir Fry with Vegetables  Fry with black pepper to make a Tasty Dish!
  7. Vegan Mince Meat 免治肉酱 (500g)
    One of our Bestseller! Can be used in Numerous ways to cook. (Refer to Pictures) Best cooked with Potatoes! We first sell this product to schools, children love the potato when the chefs stir fry potatoes with minced meat. Western food: Can be added to Spagetti to cook vegetarian bolognese spaghetti, shepard pie, or bake potato. Oriental food: Add it to Claypot Tofu, Stir fry vegetables, Vegetarian Mince meat noodle (with Chilli and Black Vinegar), wanton fillings, dumpling fillings,...
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