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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. CNY Specials!- Vegetarian Ba Gua (Mushroom) (Spicy) 素世界 肉干 辣味
    Best Seller during CNY! Try our In house Brand, or better known as the Teapot Brand Ba Gua / Bagua / Ba Kwa Today! More mushroom and better taste Spicy Flavour!
  2. Vegetarian Su Tung Fish Cake 苏东鱼饼 (900g)
    Vegetarian Su Tung Fishcake / Fish cake Deep fry it and slice it to top on any noodles or soup. 
  3. -11% New
    Vegan Lamb Kebab 素羊肉串 130G
    Vegan Lamb Kebab It's Tasty and Ready to Eat!  Use it for BBQ or Bake it for Healthier Choice
    Special Price $2.50 Regular Price $2.80
  4. Vegan Osaka Fish 大阪鱼 (500g)
    Cooking method: Deep fried, roaster, sweet and sour and curry is good for this
  5. Vegetarian Curry Bun 素咖喱羊肉包
    Vegetarian Curry Bun with Mutton
  6. Vegan Dou Bao Fresh Soy Chips 鲜豆包
    Vegan Dou Bao Fresh Soy Chips 鲜豆包 Deep Fry and braise for taste.  Steam it and add seasoning is great too.  Wrap it over vegetables to steam and fry.
  7. Vegan Abalone Sauce 鲍鱼浓汁 WP
    Ingredients: water, seaweed kelp, fermented soy sauce, yeast powder, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, vegetarian spices
  8. Vegetarian Meat Roll 素肉卷(小五香)(680G)(40PCs)
    Vegetarian Meat Roll 素肉卷(小五香)(680G)(40PCs) Deep Fry and Serve with your Favourite Sauce
  9. Vegetarian Salted Fish 素咸鱼
    Slice it and it is ready to eat Pan Fry for better taste. Can add to fried rice for flavour. 
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