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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Knotted Soy 打结豆支 (500g)
    Vegan Knotted Soya Fry it with Vegetables, braise for taste. Made of Soya Sheets
  2. Vegan Liver Sliced - 素肝片 500G
    Vegan Vegetarian Liver Sliced - 素肝片 500G Ingredients: Water, Taro Powder, Caramel Powder
  3. Vegan Beancurd Roll 腐皮卷 (500g) (1000g) (Eggless)
    Fried and it's finger food Steam it for healthier choice Can be added to soup or usually used in Yong Tau Hu
  4. Vegan Spring Chicken 斋童子鸡 (全鸡)
    Vegan Spring Chicken Just Deep fry it to serve can be added to soup as well.
  5. Veg Sparerib with Lotus Root 莲藕排骨 (200G)(1000G)
    Vegetarian Sparerib With Lotus Root Bite and you feel the fibre texture wrapped around the soya meat.  Can be Fried and cooked with sweet and sour, add to soup, braise for taste or saute too.
  6. Vegan Seafood Stewed Meat - 素炖肉 WP
    It's Fried and Finger food Can be Braised for Taste Stir Fry as sweet and sour meat can be added to soup or hot pot
  7. Vegan Handmade Dumpling 味根香手工水饺 (500G) (20 pcs)
    Can be Steamed, added to soup, pan fry and becomes Guo Tie 锅贴
  8. Vegan Soya Char Siew 素大豆四方叉烧 (450g)
    It's Vegan - No Milk No Egg Can be Fried and Finger Food Steam for Healthier Choice
  9. Vegetarian Ham 金凤凰 火腿
    This product contains Egg.  Fry to serve, braise for taste or add to soup for flavour. Could be sliced and wrap for sandwich or burger too!
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Items 49-60 of 203

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