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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Baby Shrimp (Prawn) 珍珠虾 (Konjac)(500G)
    Stir Fry with Vegetables, Hor Fun or Noodles Added to soup Deep Fried and cooked with Cereal
  2. Vegetarian Seaweed Fish Slice 斋紫菜鱼片 (切鱼)
    Deep Fry it and it is ready to be served.  It has been cut for your ease in cooking. Add to curry or sweet and sour is also fantastic. Can be added to Steamboat / Soup after deep fry.
  3. Vegan Fungus Roll 木耳肠 (200G)
    Great to be added to Kueh Chap and Black Vinegar Trotter Soup. Can be Braised for Taste.
  4. Maggi Vegetarian Stock 斋汤 (1.2KG)
    Maggi Vegetarian Stock Can be added to soup or stir fry vegetables for flavour.
  5. Vegan Liao Shen Sea Cucumber 素辽参(海参)(150G)
    Can be added to Hot Pot / Steamboat, braised seafood or soup.
  6. -15% New
    Vegetarian Mini Sausage (Hot Dog) 迷你小香肠 (200g)(1kg)
    Deep Fried, diced and cooked with baked beans, added to soup or steamboat!
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  7. Vegan Squid 素鲜鱿 (Konjac) (500G)
    Ingredients: •Water •Taro Powder •Natural Carotene
  8. Vegan Flavourous Sea Cucumber 调理海参 (300G)
    Vegetarian Vegan Flavourous Sea Cucumber Ready to Heat with Microwave Clients tell us they Braise it together with Mushroom and make a great restaurant standard dish. We add water and prawn to this packet and make it our soup base for noodles. The taste is great for any delicacy or just by itself. 
  9. Vegan Chicken Drumstick (Big) 素五香大鸡腿 (780G)
    Vegan Chicken Drumstick (Small) 10 Pcs per packet Deep Fried and can be served as great finger food.
  10. Vegan Atlantic Wonder 素金带鱼片 (1KG)
    Vegan Atlantic Wonder 素金带鱼片 (1KG) Can be added to soup / steamboat / hotpot. Braise for Taste or Fry with your favourite sauce
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