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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Soya Char Siew 素大豆四方叉烧 (450g)
    It's Vegan - No Milk No Egg Can be Fried and Finger Food Steam for Healthier Choice
  2. Vegetarian Mutton 素羊肉 (450g)(900g)
    Vegetarian Mutton This product contains Egg Can be added to soup or curry. Can be used to cook mushroom mutton balls with tomato paste. 
  3. Vegetarian Roasted Chicken 素香酥鸡 (Halal) (250g) (500G)
    Can be stir fry with vegetables, fried and serve, added to soup or hot pot Also available in 500g packing
  4. Vegan Small Fish 素紫菜小鱼 900g (Vegan)
    Can be Fried and Finger Slice it and add to soup Cook saute or sweet & sour, add to curry is great as well. 
  5. -4% New
    Vegetarian Lean Meat (Mushroom) 素瘦肉
    Special Price $5.10 Regular Price $5.30
  6. Vegetarian Hong Kong Char Siew 港味香叉烧 (佛心)
    One of the Best Vegetarian Char Siew in town. Made in authentic methods and its gluten based.
  7. Vegetarian Pandan Chicken 素香草鸡 (260G) (16pcs)
    Fried and it can be served Dip it to your favourite sauce and it is a great snack
  8. Veg. Stewed Red Pork - 素红烧肉 (200g)
    Cooking methods: deep fried and cooked with plum sauce, stir fry to serve can be added to hot pot or soup.  Braise for Taste too! Learn how to Cook this in our Vegetarian Blog
  9. Vegan Lobster Ball 龙虾丸 (Konjac)(500G)
    Ingredients:Water Taro Powder Soybean Protein Carrot Juice Salt Vegetarian Spices
  10. Vegetarian World Foods Chicken Dice 素世界 鸡丁
    Special Price $4.80 Regular Price $5.40
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