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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegan Fish Sauce 素鲜味露 (380G)
    Vegan Fish Sauce 素鲜味露 (380G) Add to soup, stir fry and make salad with this.
  2. Vegetarian Mushroom Ball 香菇丸 (450G)
    Vegetarian Mushroom Ball Suitable for soup and steam boat Contains Egg
  3. Vegan Potato Chips 薯片 (Seaweed 紫菜) (Mushroom 香菇) (40G)
    Snack these delicious chips away during gatherings and festive season. 
  4. Vegetarian Curry Bun 素咖喱羊肉包
    Vegetarian Curry Bun with Mutton
  5. Vegan Da-Shan Smoked Sausage 大善素腊肠 (160G) (2pcs)
    Vegetarian Vegan Smoked Sausage 大善素腊肠 (160G) (2pcs) No Refrigeration needed. Can be added to vegetables, slice it for pepperoni pizza or spagetti, or toss it with Salad. Great for travel!
  6. Vegetarian Mini Sausage (Hot Dog) 迷你小香肠 (200g)(1kg)
    Deep Fried, diced and cooked with baked beans, added to soup or steamboat!
  7. Vegan Cooked Dumplings - 素食熟水饺 (台湾)(30 pcs)
    Deep fry and go with your favourite sauce, Steam it or add to soup for a healthier choice
  8. Vegan Squid 素鲜鱿 (Konjac) (500G)
    Ingredients: •Water •Taro Powder •Natural Carotene
  9. Veg Sarawak KOLO Mee 素哥罗面 (400G) (Contains Egg)
    Vegan Sarawak KOLO Mee 素哥罗面 (400G)
  10. Vegan Yam Roll 卤肉 (500g) (10pcs)
    Deep Fry and it can be served. Once Fried can be top on Lu Mian 卤面
  11. Vegan Fish Slices (Non-Frozen) 素世界鱼饼切
    Storage: Ambient. Do not store in freezer. Once opened keep in chiller.
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Items 61-72 of 280

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