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Spicy, sweet, salty, all manner of delicious tastes and flavours are relatively easy at your finger tip.

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  1. Vegetarian Pork Belly 素港式腊肉切
    Vegetarian Pork Belly Sweet and Sour after deep fry, stir fry or just serve after heating up.
  2. Vegan Chicken Slices 素鸡丝 (900G)
    Vegan Chicken Slices Can be added to soup or porridge.
  3. Vegetarian Chicken Wing Stewed - 卤鸡翅膀 WP
    Ingredients: soybean fibre, isolated soy protein, salt, sugar, vegetarian spices
  4. Vegan Fish Slice 素香鱼片 900g
    Can be Fried and Finger food
  5. Vegetarian Roasted Duck 素 红烧鸭
    Fry and it's good to serve. Sweet and sour is all time fave.  Braise for taste is good to go as well. You may use it for duck rice. 
  6. Vegetarian Japanese Tofu Puff 日本豆腐 (500g)
    Can be fried or steam. Goes well with noodles or bee hoon. Add to steamboat or soup. Contains Milk. 
  7. Vegetarian Bacon Ham Sliced 素培根火腿片 (500g)(1kg)
    It's Ready 2 Eat! Defrost it and it is ready for Wraps and Rolls Warm it and can be added to sandwich, pizza, lagsana, sushi and handroll.  Slice it and stir fry is good as well.  Our Premium Items are producted using natural flavourings which is a healthier choice. As such, please store them in freezer -18 degree cel. as the colour will tend to fade if the storage is not cold enough 
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Items 73-84 of 179

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